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Kenneth Young Center Seminars can:

  • Increase productivity, improve morale, and help employees function better in the workplace.
  • Create successful programs for your community group to help members with their personal growth.
  • Help your next program come alive.

Our presentation topics are grouped according to interpersonal skills, self-growth, and parenting topics. Don’t see a topic you’re interested in? Call us. Seminars are tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Our trained presenters are mental health professionals who speak for organizations throughout the Chicagoland area. Whether it’s a one hour motivating seminar or a full day intensive workshop, we’re ready to work with you!


Interpersonal Skills

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How to Talk, How to Listen

One of the major causes of conflict and inefficiency in the workplace is poor communication. Although communication is something we use everyday, many people struggle with poor communication skills. This presentation is designed to help participants understand what good communication is and how to improve their skills.

Assertive Communication

Though it's not always stated in job descriptions, good communication and assertiveness are important for productivity and job satisfaction. Assertiveness involves a balance between your rights and the rights of others. This presentation will define assertiveness and participants will learn how to set limits; be kind, but firm; and how to communicate to get needs met, and the job done.

Managing Conflict

Are you comfortable with your ability to handle situations involving conflict? We will discuss communication skills and highlight techniques needed to successfully handle difficult situations that can arise. Learn the components of conflict resolution and how to use them in your work and personal lives.

Anger Management

When you feel "hot under the collar" does anger work for you, or against you? Feelings of anger can effect productivity at work and all around mental health. This presentation will examine the purpose of anger and healthy ways to express it. Learn how to set boundaries with others, handle their anger and diffuse angry situations with new skills.

Dealing with Difficult People

Just who is irritating you lately? We often encounter difficult people in the daily course of our lives... a co-worker complaining again, an angry customer demanding immediate attention, or a family member giving unwanted advice. Whoever it is, we need skills and patience to deal with them. This presentation will enable the participants to learn techniques to positively handle different types of difficult people and work towards resolution with them.

Balancing Work and Home

Trying to juggle personal, work, and home concerns can create stress. Research indicates that family and personal concerns have the greatest negative effect on productivity in the workplace. Research also indicates that balance is the key to staying mentally and physically healthy. This presentation will address strategies for balancing the multiple demands of today's society and the stress that comes with it. We will examine four conditions that will help participants see how to create more balance in their lives and feel more efficient in their work and personal lives.

Building Healthy Relationships

Why do some people seem to enjoy relationships that move in harmony, while others find establishing relationships awkward and difficult? This presentation will explore the components of a healthy relationship and how to acquire skills to initiate and build satisfying connections with others.

Self Growth Topics

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Humor is a Serious Thing

We all know that humor can be entertaining, but we often don't realize how essential it is for our well-being. A good sense of humor can improve and maintain our physical and emotional health and give us insight about ourselves and others. Explore laughter as a tool to diffuse tense situations, solve problems, and aid communication in our work and personal lives.

Birth Order: Making it Work for You

Whether you are a first born, middle child, youngest or an only-child, it can influence your choice of career as well as your work and personal relationships. This presentation will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each birth order and how to make this uniqueness work for you.

Let's Get Healthy

This presentation will focus on the emotional issues that surround living a healthy lifestyle. With the extent of media coverage, most people know what they need to do to be healthy. But setting a goal, planning for that goal and maintaining lasting lifestyle changes is often frustrating and difficult. Learn the important psychological components that go into lasting behavioral changes.

Breaking the Habit: A Guide to Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a habit which many people find very difficult to understand and stop. This introductory presentation is designed to help participants understand the psychological and physical aspects that go into this habit. We will discuss the reasons people smoke, strategies for quitting and how to handle relapses. Learn the important psychological components that go into lasting behavioral changes.

Brace Yourself: Caring for Your Aging Parents

As you get older, you become concerned about the social and medical needs of your aging parents. Age-related changes and the increasing dependence on others, challenge your parents' self-esteem. They also challenge your stamina and emotions as you try to juggle demands at work and home with your concerns for your parents' well-being. Learn how to help your parents identify resources, and find out how you can deal with your feelings of worry, anger, and guilt as you struggle with difficult decisions and plan on behalf of your parents.

The Other Side of Retirement Planning

When people prepare for retirement they usually think about financial issues and where they want to live. Though people look forward to retirement, it is a major change that is not always an easy adjustment. This seminar is designed to look at the psychological and emotional issues that also need to be considered, and examine personal growth issues.

Understanding Depression

At times, everyone experiences a mild form of depression called the "blues". In addition, one out of every five people suffers from more serious and often debilitating depression. This presentation will address the latest information on causes of depression, treatment options, coping skills, and what families can do to help.

Parenting Topics

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Communication Skills in the Family

The ability to communicate affects our lives every day especially within our families. Learn communication skills that will help the family and teach your children skills they need to be productive adults.

Positive Discipline Skills

Consistent, effective discipline can be one of the toughest jobs for a parent. Each child and situation is different which is a challenge for parents in today's world. This presentation will address skills that parents can learn to help them raise healthy, well-rounded children.

Fostering Self Esteem in Children

Why are some children more self-confident than others? This presentation is designed to answer this question. Children with a healthy self-esteem are more likely to manage stressful situations and perform better at home and in school. Participants will learn to assess their children's self-esteem by recognizing four conditions that affect it, and how to intervene.

Shatterproof Kids

School, family, and societal pressures can make excessive demands on children. This presentation will make you more aware of ways to identify symptoms of stress and how parents can make children more resilient. Participants will learn why children react differently to stressful situations and stress management strategies that keep children more healthy.

Sibling Rivalry

Constant arguing at home can be stressful to parents. Learn skills that help keep the peace and teach your children conflict management skills that they will need in the future.

Teaching a Child Responsibility

One of the main lessons a child must learn from their parents is how to be responsible. Yet we live in a world where many people blame others rather than accept responsibility. Learn how to assure that your child will grow up to be a responsible adult.

Bully Proofing Your Child

Many parents are concerned about the conflict and violence in our schools today. Learn skills to help your children grow up feeling confident and safe.

Helping Your Child Learn

Learn ways to create a learning environment in your home and interventions that will assist your child's learning process.

Parenting Through Divorce

Divorce is a difficult and stressful time for everyone involved. It is sometimes hard to address the needs of the children when you are stressed yourself. This presentation will address the specific parenting issues for divorcing and divorced parents. We will identify ways to cushion the unhealthy impact on the child and learn ways to deal with the many emotions that children face during this transition.

Storm of Adolescence

As teens move toward adulthood, issues arise as parents struggle with how to discipline and teens test their need for independence. This presentation will help parents weather the teenage years by identifying the changes adolescents experience during this turbulent time and how to parent most effectively.