ARS Supports KYC Clients and Services

Combined Team Photo

The ARS Team took a quick photo break from two days of work with KYC's Facilities Team.

Each September, ARS Teams across the country commit to a week of service. Each office partners with local nonprofits to volunteer and donate to support their communities.

This year, ARS chose to work with KYC, volunteering to install and donate four new Nest digital thermostats, WiFi boosters, and HVAC work at our Elk Grove location, amounting to more than $8,500 of donated work and materials. (Not to mention thrilling the staff and clients who now have much more comfortable work environments with the new equipment!)

But their generosity didn’t end there. ARS purchased dozens of items from KYC’s Amazon Wish List, including art supplies, games for therapy, children’s books in Spanish, and more, arriving in two large and beautiful baskets. They also delivered pizza and drinks for one of our adolescent therapy groups, ensuring kids could focus on therapy after a long day at school.

Thank you for being incredible partners, neighbors, and friends, ARS! We’re proud to work with you to serve our community and so grateful for your generosity!

Delivery Team 2

Smiling ARS volunteers delivered pizza and gifts for our clients and staff.

Basket 2

Games and books and more!

Basket 1

Art supplies galore!

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