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Behavioral Support Services: Boosting Therapy through Social Activities

KYC’s Behavioral Support Services team works primarily with youth, through age 24, who face challenges with self-esteem, behavioral management, and social skills. Our 25 Behavioral Support Specialists meet one-one-one with clients to boost the lessons learned in therapy through carefully planned social activities and behavioral coaching. Behavioral Support Services are always provided alongside therapy to help clients apply the strategies they learn in therapy to real-world scenarios.

Behavioral Support Specialists design and implement engaging activities that help fulfill their clients’ individual treatment plan goals. As an example, Behavioral Support Specialists may use a game of bowling as an opportunity to allow a client to practice navigating a trying emotional event in a healthy, supportive environment. A child who has difficulty managing their emotions may be able to intellectually work through an appropriate response to feelings of anger through discussions with his or her therapist. However, when that child is losing at a game of bowling with their friends, they will be in a much different environment physically, emotionally, and socially. For some of us, having a chance to practice the skills we learn through therapy can greatly increase our ability to use them successfully when we’re faced with real-time challenges.

Behavioral Support Specialists are thoughtfully paired with clients based on geographic, demographic, and personality compatibility. They serve as positive adult role models and as additional resources for young clients who are working through challenges. In some cases, Behavioral Support Services can also include extra parenting skill support for parents whose children are receiving therapy. This unique program is one of many innovative services offered to families through KYC.

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