Crissy Castillo named President of the Illinois Council of Care Coordination Units

Crissys Headshot

Crissy Castillo, KYC’s Director of Older Adult Services, was recently named President of the Illinois Council of Care Coordination Units (ICCCU), a statewide aging association in Springfield, Illinois. We are excited to share this news and to introduce one of the ways that KYC advocates for older adults.

Care Coordination Units, or CCUs, include community based agencies designated by the Illinois Department on Aging to be Care Coordination Units. CCUs provide Comprehensive Care Coordination to:

The ICCCU is an association of 32 members from across the state, including Kenneth Young Center. Crissy was nominated and voted on by the ICCCU to serve as President earlier this summer.

The ICCCU advocates to continue to enhance the critical programming that helps our state’s older adult population remain safely in their own homes for as long as possible. Crissy and the additional ICCCU’s Executive Board members participate in meetings with state representatives in Springfield to offer advice and provide input for new and revised state policies that impact older adult services. Recently, the ICCCU is focused on connecting with Governor-elect JB Pritzker, they also regularly meet with key staff members from the Illinois Department on Aging.

KYC’s active role in advising state policy through Crissy’s leadership in the ICCCU gives us the opportunity to insightfully advocate for the best interests of older adults and for the organizations that provides them with crucial services. Many of KYC’s programs and services are financed in whole or in part by state funding, and policy changes at the state level have a substantial impact on the many services we provide. Crissy’s work helps to protect not only our clients, but older adults across the state. We are very thankful to have compassionate leaders among the KYC team, and appreciate all of the work that Crissy does to better serve our community members. Congratulations and thank you, Crissy!

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