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KYC’s Drop-In Center opened in March, 2015 to promote community among people living with mental illness. The Drop-In Center is designed to create a non-clinical environment to sharpen social skills, make new friends, and further explore opportunities within the community. Funded by the Department of Human Services, any adult with a mental health diagnosis is welcome 364 days a year. The Drop-In Center is closed on Christmas.

At the Drop-In Center, guests find caring staff who help to create an environment of friendship, recovery, and self-discovery. Although no therapy or psychiatric services are provided, guests and staff develop as a group centered on being open minded, nonjudgmental, encouraging, and understanding. A variety of activities and programs help guests reach their personal recovery goals, like listening to music, participating in arts and crafts, using community computers, sitting quietly, watching movies, or simply talking to other guests and visitors.

In addition to on-site activities, the Drop-In Center staff also offers off-site activities every month. Most of these excursions come at no cost to guests, like bowling, going to movies, exploring museums, volunteering, and attending community events and celebrations. Please see the announcements page for more information about current excursions and specific events/activities.

To talk to the Drop-In Center Team, please call: (847) 621-2040 ext. 117.

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of cases of mental illness begin by age 14.

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