Employment Services: Building Long-Term Recovery and Stability

KYC’s Employment Services Team works with 50 clients a year to find and keep employment. For many living with mental illness and disabilities, finding jobs that support personal and career goals can be challenging, especially when the job search is complicated by gaps in employment history. Some clients are seeking their first job in decades and others have never successfully gained first-time employment on their own.

Employment Specialists work with clients to identify job goals, personal interests, and professional skillsets to determine individualized work plans. Together, clients and staff develop and update resumes, conduct job searches, and practice interviews. Once a client finds work, the Employment Services Team continues to check in for 30, 60, and 90 days post-employment to ensure long-term success in placement. In some cases, the client may qualify for additional on the job support.

To truly understand the Employment Services Program, we want to introduce you to Mark. In 2013, Mark suffered from two strokes, affecting his fine motor skills, balance, and speech. After years of hard work and rehabilitation, he’s ready to return to the work force and has been working with his Employment Specialist at KYC to find part-time employment. He volunteers at KYC supporting clerical work and data entry for the Older Adults Team, proving his ability to be highly detail oriented and effective in his work. He meets weekly with his counselor to review job postings, send out cover letters and resumes, work on interviewing skills, and discuss ways to achieve his career goals.

Employment is a key piece to the recovery process. In addition to providing financial independence, it adds structure to client’s daily living and builds their confidence and self-esteem. Check out our one-page flyers on Employment Services for Businesses and Employment Services for Clients to learn more about this program!

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