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#GivingTuesday Also Means Giving Thanks

In recognition of Giving Tuesday, KYC would like to share messages from three important people

Loretta, a KYC Client

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Loretta is a KYC client, active advocate, and mentor to other clients striving for recovery.

My name is Loretta and I am a very grateful client of the Kenneth Young Center.

I came across a quote in a doctor’s newsletter recently, which startled me. It read, “when it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change… you will change.” -Robert Anthony

When I came to the Kenneth Young Center, my depression was unbearable. I no longer wanted to struggle with life because I couldn’t see the point of it all.

I had gone other places for help and taken prescriptions but had not found real relief, and certainly not lasting or long-term relief. I had not found a situation previously that was able to put ALL of the many pieces of the puzzle out on the table so we could see them clearly.

So I arrived at the Center one breath away from hopeless, with the question on my lips “What could possibly be worth enduring this kind of soul pain for?”

In my time spent at the Center, I have been immensely blessed to work with many counselors and different programs. I have my individual counselor (Tina) to thank for saving my life. She helped me breathe in hope and look beyond the choking black cloud of depression.

All through this recent journey I have been astounded at the quantity and caliber of people willing and eager to help me! They have helped me learn to live with my mental illness and given me the tools I need to live in recovery.

With the help of the vocational services, I am again working. But even more importantly, the whole of the team has helped me to believe that I do have gifts and talents that can contribute to this world.

Christ is still working in my life and He has blessed me with the Kenneth Young Center and every individual there who has assisted me on this, what I now know is, a lifelong journey.

I am incredibly grateful and thankful to all of you who support this wonderful organization and for helping people like me!

Kyle Rettberg, KYC’s Board of Directors

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Kyle Rettberg is a member of Kenneth Young Center's Board of Directors.

As a proud member of Kenneth Young Center’s Board of Directors, I want to thank all of you for your support of our organization. Kenneth Young Center is our community’s safety net for people across the age spectrum, with needs spanning from one-time referrals to daily support.

When I grew up in the area Kenneth Young Center serves, I didn’t fully appreciate the incredible impact Kenneth Young Center’s work has on our community. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the important role Kenneth Young Center plays in protecting our community’s most vulnerable members.

And the need for Kenneth Young Center’s services is acute. 

One in five adults in our country – one in five – live with a mental illness.

The senior population is growing to historic levels as Baby Boomers age.

The need for support services that help these people has never been greater, and Kenneth Young Center cannot provide those services without your help. For many, we are the only resource for support. We change lives and we save lives.

Giving Tuesday is a special opportunity to encourage our community to give back to organizations that support the needs of the most vulnerable throughout the year. 

Thank you for being generous today to ensure Kenneth Young Center can continue to serve clients for generations to come.

Lisa Hendrickson, a KYC Staff Member

Lisa Hendrickson

Lisa has worked in various roles at KYC since 2007.

I have been lucky to celebrate my 10 year anniversary working at KYC earlier this year, and I am currently the supervisor of the intensive community support program. We provide the highest level of care at KYC to adults with mental illness, both in our supportive housing programs and throughout the community. This includes providing home-based services to individuals several times per week, as well as helping individuals with mental health issues and other disabilities find housing and move out of long-term care facilities. I am honored to participate in my clients’ lives.

I have had many incredible opportunities during my time at KYC. True story: approximately 1 month after starting as a part-time employment specialist at KYC, I attended the annual staff appreciation event and saw at least 2 dozen staff receive awards for 10, 15, & 25 years of service to the agency. This cemented for me the feelings I had since starting at KYC in 2007: that KYC is an incredible place and I was going to stay here as long as they let me! Since then, I have experienced incredible support and encouragement from the entire agency- from my peers up to the CEO. Specifically, this allowed me to return to school to get my Master’s degree. Without their flexibility and patience, I know I would not have survived those 3 years, which allowed me to graduate and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I’ve had opportunities to learn and grow, and I’m now in my 4th position at the agency. On top of all this, KYC has always encouraged me to be myself and bring my own unique strengths and perspective to my work.

So all of this is to share how much I appreciate every single donor and volunteer of KYC. A huge thank you to all of you for making this possible for me and my clients through your ongoing support of KYC.

I am forever grateful.

Thank you for supporting Kenneth Young Center!

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