KYC Delivers Cookies to First Responders

By, Tica King, Recovery Counselor

I hear the sirens…I see the first responders, police, firemen, emergency technicians answer our call. Kenneth Young Center, a Community Mental Health Provider in Elk Grove Village, is in need. Our clients are good people who occasionally lose self-control and are in need of assistance. The men and women in uniform so respectfully, professionally, and courteously carry on their mission to help, save, serve, and protect the community. I’ve seen it time and time again as a Recovery Counselor at Kenneth Young Center. How do we thank these marvelous first responders? A small token of appreciation, Cookies for our Courageous Heroes, was started three years ago. KYC’s staff, clients, and volunteers, along with Jarosch’s Bakery, drop off baked cookies to the local police and fire departments. One police chief said, “It isn’t necessary, but we sure do appreciate it!”

We too at Kenneth Young Center help, save, and serve the community and we are honored to work with our First Responders. “It is the least we can do for the greatest among us,” said Tica King who coordinated the event.

Caring Cookie Helpers

Caring Cookie Delivers stop for a photo with our police partners!

Cookies With The Cheif

Cookies with the Chief!

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