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KYC’s Local Heroes

Two of KYC’s Adult Protective Services (APS) team members were honored earlier this month at a Local Heroes Award ceremony hosted by Brookdale Hoffman Estates Senior Living Solutions. Patty, Manager of Adult Protective Services, and Denise, Adult Protective Services Case Worker, were recognized for their outstanding work to help protect our older adult population and adults with disabilities.

Our APS team follows up on suspected cases of abuse or neglect of adults ages 60 and over, or people ages 18 and over who have disabilities. They work to educate and correct abusive behavior or harmful situations to help ensure that people of all ages and abilities are able to lead healthy, dignified lives in our communities.

Patty and Denise travel throughout the community to investigate first-hand cases of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, in addition to cases of confinement, passive neglect, willful deprivation, and financial exploitation. They must often confront alleged abusers who are family members of the victim, who are either unintentionally or intentionally harming their relative. In these extremely sensitive situations, Patty and Denise must carefully balance the best interests of the victim to ensure their safety and well-being while also working to preserve their relationships with loved ones. The difficult work they do each day helps protect the members of our community who can be most vulnerable to mistreatment or exploitation.

Patty and Denise were recognized and celebrated alongside local firefighters and police officers, as well as other outstanding members of the community who have dedicated their time and work to serving others. Tish Rudnicki, KYC’s Chief Program Officer, had the honor of presenting the Local Heroes Awards to Patty and Denise. This special acknowledgement of their dedication to help those who need it most is well-deserved. Congratulations to KYC’s very own Local Heroes.

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