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October 2018: Message from our CEO

Grace's Headshot

Grace Hong Duffin
President & CEO

The changing weather is an everyday reminder of the change that’s all around us. With change there is excitement and anticipation. After my first few weeks as CEO, I’m excited to continue meeting our clients, staff, and supporters who make our work possible. I’m meeting clients, staff, and supporters to learn directly from you what draws you to KYC, what you feel we do well, and what needs we could be meeting in our community. We’re ready and eager to expand and improve our programs, because our first and most important priority is our community and more specifically, the clients we are here to serve. Please share your feedback with me or anyone on the KYC Team. Through your feedback and the belief that we are in this together, we will continue to get stronger as an agency.

As we have previously shared, we already have two exciting projects: first, partnering with District 54 schools to provide therapy services in three schools in our community. Our work is well underway and we are thrilled to offer this new resource to our clients and families.

We have also launched our AIMS Model Initiative funded by the Weinberg Foundation. This project allows KYC to place our social workers within an AMITA medical office to provide immediate support to seniors through their primary care provider. Both projects have great potential for expansion in the future and we’re proud to provide creative and compassionate care in the community.

Looking forward to working with all of you in the months and years to come. Until next month…

Yours in service,

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