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Special Announcement from the CEO

Dear KYC Community,

It is with very mixed emotions that I share with you that I have been given the opportunity to relocate to northern California near my immediate family. I have truly loved my three years at KYC and the work we do to serve people of all ages in our community. I’ve lived and worked in the Chicagoland area for most of my professional life, and a cross-country adventure is both scary and exciting. However, relocating brings my children, mother, sister, and me within quick drives of each other: a joy we haven’t had in decades. This opportunity to move was certainly a surprise, but one I have chosen to pursue for my family.

It has been my distinct privilege and honor to lead KYC through great organizational change and growth. Working with an incredible team and all of you has been a highlight of my career. In my new role leading the California operations and strategic growth for the Gateway Foundation, I will look back with gratitude and hope that I may encounter people as wonderful as you in the next stage of my professional journey.

More communication will follow as we make this transition, but I wanted to share this news as quickly as possible. The Board of Directors has established a search committee and is actively seeking the next President and CEO for KYC. If a new CEO has not been selected by my last day on May 4th, a Board Member will be appointed as the interim CEO.

I am deeply honored to have been part of KYC’s commitment to our community and know that it will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come. Thank you all for making KYC such a special place for clients, staff, and all who come through our doors.

With eternal gratitude,


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