In Memory of Scott Parks


Father. Friend. Mental Health Advocate. Musician. Writer. World Traveler. Leader.

Scott’s kind heart and thoughtful demeanor put others at ease and his playful sense of humor always left others smiling. During his time working at KYC, he creatively and compassionately led programming at the Mt. Prospect Drop-In Center, uniting guests and the community with opportunities to socialize, learn, and build awareness around people living with mental illness.

Scott was the former President and current Treasurer for NAMI Schaumburg Area, helping people in their recovery journey.

Kenneth Young Center is humbled to accept donations in memory of Scott as we continue his work. He will be deeply missed by our team and clients. Our thoughts and hearts will remain with Scott, his family, and all who knew him.

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of children in the U.S. struggle with serious challenges to their emotional and mental health.

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